Catia Rodrigues Monteiro

Visiting Scientist

Cátia holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Aveiro, Portugal. In 2017, Cátia joined the COMPASS research group led by Prof. João Mano for her master thesis project, where she worked on the validation of human-derived platelet lysates-based hydrogels for the assessment of in vivo-like spheroid invasion and development of in vitro disease models for bone cancer. Before starting her PhD in 2019, Cátia worked as a research fellow in the Beat project at COMPASS RG.

Currently, she is a PhD student in Biotechnology at University of Aveiro focused on developing tumor models incorporating human platelet lysates-based hydrogels to study osteosarcoma tumor invasion and interaction with stromal cells. In June 2023, she joined the MicroOrgano Lab to study breast cancer growth and immunotherapy efficacy in a tumor-on-chip device.

In her free time, Cátia enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.