Celina Spangenberger

PhD Candidate

Celina earned her bachelor's degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Hohenheim. Following that, she pursued her studies in biomedical sciences with a specialization in regenerative medicine at Maastricht University, completing her degree in 2023. She conducted her bachelor's thesis in the Kluger lab at Reutlingen University, focusing on the subject of cultured meat. During her master's thesis in Switzerland at Empa, she worked on the development of a light-responsive hydrogel platform to mimic intestinal peristalsis in vitro.

She first joined the Loskill lab in 2021, as a student assistant and later as an intern working on the WAT-liver-on-chip project. She is now pursuing a Ph.D., focusing on the development of an adipose tissue-on-chip model to identify biomarkers of physiological resilience to promote healthy aging.

In her free time, she likes to do CrossFit or spend time with friends and family.

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