Kai Fuchsberger

Staff Scientist

After training as a chemical laboratory technician at Hoechst Trevira, Kai entered the chemical industry, focusing on process control. With a degree in biology from the University of Bayreuth and postgraduate studies in nanobiotechnology from TU Kaiserslautern, his journey seamlessly integrated interests in both fields.

Transitioning into a scientist role at the NMI (Natural and Medical Sciences Institute) was a natural progression, expanding his expertise to include electrochemistry and solidifying his commitment to maintaining quality and precision. Here he has been able to further develop his fascination for physical chemistry (merging macroscopic and atomic realms) both in theory and practicality.

Looking ahead, his journey unfolds with diverse experiences, from early laboratory days to nanobiotechnology, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry. His expertise and enthusiasm make him well-prepared to navigate challenges and to contribute to advancements benefiting the µOrganoLab.

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