Dr. Nicole Anderle


In 2018, Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Biology with a major in Genetics from the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany). During the fall of 2017, she worked as a Research Scholar in Breast Cancer Research at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (San Francisco, USA), studying the effects of reducing the daily uptake of xenoestrogens in patient-derived high-risk donor breast epithelial cells (HRBEC). Thereafter, she worked as a research associate in the tumor biology group at the NMI (Reutlingen, Germany), establishing a 3D patient-derived tumor model that combined patient-derived microtumors and autologous immune cells for personalized drug efficacy testing. At the end of 2018, she received her Master's degree in Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, with her thesis focused on the characterization of immunotherapies in ovarian cancer using patient-derived 3D microtumors (PDM).

During the second half of 2019, Nicole started her Ph.D. in (immuno-)oncology at the NMI (Reutlingen, Germany), evaluating the efficacy of anticancer therapies in patient-derived 3D microtumor immune cell co-cultures of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and glioblastoma, and their application for precision oncology approaches. In January 2023, Nicole continued as a postdoc in the µOrganoLab, working on the induction of tertiary lymphoid structures on microfluidic chip systems and studying their interaction with immunotherapies.

In her free time, Nicole is passionate about playing volleyball and teaching it. Additionally, she loves music, going to concerts, cooking, and having fun with friends.

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