Shreya Gudi

MSc Student

Shreya is currently pursuing a research-based Master's degree in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at Radboud University, in The Netherlands. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India.
Prior to joining the MicroOrano Lab, she interned in the Department of Experimental Rheumatology at Radboud Institute of Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS), under the guidance of Dr. Marije Koenders. There, she worked on optimizing the cell culture conditions of primary fibroblasts obtained from Systemic sclerosis patients and the eventual in vitro application of targeted photodynamic therapy to ameliorate skin fibrosis caused by myofibroblasts in Systemic sclerosis.

She joined the Loskill Lab in December 2021 for the second internship of her Master’s degree. She will work on the Skin-on-Chip project and focus on optimizing the model in terms of various aspects such as the ECM and medium composition, sequential cell seeding strategies and perfusion with immune cells in order to make the model immunocompetent and eventually be able to induce psoriasis in the model. In her free time, Shreya likes travelling, reading, knitting, learning languages and exploring cities.