Simon Werner

Staff Scientist

Simon started working as an Engineer in the former BioMems and Sensors group at NMI in 2007. His main responsibilities included the design and development of hardware for microfluidics and Organ-on-Chip systems. He obtained his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 2014 and worked on various Organ-on-Chip models such as for the Liver, Trans-Blood-Brain-Barrier, and Tumors. Later, he was involved in multiple projects related to electrochemical sensors for medical applications, such as in the context of maxillofacial surgery.

Coming back to his roots, Simon joined the µOrganoLab as a senior scientist and his main responsibilities include project management and acquisition with a focus on organ-on-chip systems and their utility under microgravity conditions.

In his free time, Simon enjoys hiking, bouldering, geology, paleontology, and spending time with his family. In 2022, he participated in a research mission in the Utah desert as an analog astronaut.

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