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Congratulations to our postdoctoral candidate Dr. Madalena Cipriano for receiving the Eurotox travel fellowship to attend the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity GRC this year. Says Madalena, „Participating in the Gordon Research Conference Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicology (CMMT) and being awarded with the EUROTOX fellowship allowed me to further develop myself as a Toxicologist and grow my network beyond the European sphere in an open and integrating environment. The GRC is the perfect place for the communication of scientific knowledge and promotes an accessible atmosphere for discussion. The key for this openness are the small number of participants, long participative poster sessions and excellent scientific content spread throughout emerging topics in toxicology. During the GRC, I had plenty of opportunities to interact with top scientists and trainees from academia, governmental agencies and industry to exchange ideas, establish collaborations and find mentors while going for swimming, hiking or playing volleyball in the wonderful venue of Proctor Academy. The GRC was the most unique conference I attended. I definitely encourage European scientists to experience GRC and I look forward coming back for the next CMMT in 2 years.“

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