Over the past years, Organ-on-Chip (OoC) systems have become a promising alternative to animal testing and traditional cell assays. However, most OoCs still rely on similar concepts and therefore, share the same limitations in physiology, user-friendliness and scalability. To advance the concept of microphysiological systems to the next level and to overcome these limitations of current OoCs, we developed the Organ-Disc technology. The Organ-Disc allows for parallelized 3D tissue generation and pump-free perfusion just by rotation. The user-friendly, standardizable processes and the rotational symmetry of the Organ-Disc minimizes not only manual handling steps but also enables the integration into automated workflows. Overall, the Organ-Disc provides an enabling platform technology, which has the potential to bring OoC systems one-step closer towards their large-scale adoption in industry.


S. Schneider, M. Bubeck, J. Rogal, H. Weener, C. Rojas, M. Weiss, M. Heymann, A.D. van der Meer, P. Loskill
Peristaltic on-chip pump for tunable media circulation and whole blood perfusion in PDMS-free organ-on-chip and Organ-Disc systems
Lab Chip, 2021, 21, 3963-3978,

S. Schneider, F. Erdemann, O. Schneider, T. Hutschalik, P. Loskill
Organ-on-a-Disc — A platform technology for the centrifugal generation and culture of microphysiological 3D cell constructs amenable for automation and parallelization
APL Bioengineering, 2020, 4, 046101,


Project Participants

Dr. Stefan Schneider

PhD Candidate