Matthijs Luit van der Moolen

PhD Candidate

Matthijs Luit van der Moolen studied his Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands), followed by a Master’s Degree in the UMC Utrecht/TU Eindhoven collaborative ‘Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering’-track within Biomedical Engineering led by Professor Carlijn Bouten. His main research involved the establishment of microfluidic perfusion cultures in both 3D scaffolds and 2D settings for applications at the cross-section of neuroscience and angiogenesis, as a student under Professor Caroline Cheng. He has great interest in microfabrication, CAD-based modelling and electrophysiology.

Matthijs’ current research focuses on the development of a novel innervation-chip for in vitro 3D phenotypic analysis of bone pain.

In his free time, Matthijs likes to play golf, listen to podcasts and travel back and forth to the Netherlands to visit his friends and family.


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M. van der Moolen, A. Lovera, F. Ersoy, S. Mommo, P. Loskill, P. Cesare
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