Dr. Paolo Cesare


The main focus of Dr. Paolo Cesaré’s research is the development of novel assays for the implementation of physiologically relevant in vitro systems for basic research and drug discovery in neuroscience. This is achieved by integrating microfabrication technologies, electrode arrays, microfluidics and advanced cellular models to recapitulate in vitro features and phenotypes relevant to human neuronal disorders. Of particular interest is the study of chronic pain and neurodegenerative disorders.

Dr. Cesaré received a Ph.D. in physiology from King’s College London and has many years of experience in the field of pain transduction involving both primary and human IPSC derived cells. He developed a functional and structural in vitro platform for the study and characterization of three-dimensional neuronal networks (central nervous system) and innervation of somatic and visceral structures (peripheral nervous system).


B. Molina-Martínez, L.-V. Jentsch, F. Ersoy, M. van der Moolen, S. Donato, T. V. Ness, P. Heutink, P. D. Jones, P. Cesare
A multimodal 3D neuro-microphysiological system with neurite-trapping microelectrodes
Biofabrication, 2022, 14, 025004, https://doi.org/10.1088/1758-5090/ac463b

M. van der Moolen, A. Lovera, F. Ersoy, S. Mommo, P. Loskill, P. Cesare
Cancer-mediated axonal guidance of sensory neurons in a microelectrode-based innervation MPS
Biofabrication, 2024, 16, 025013, https://doi.org/10.1088/1758-5090/ad218a

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