Johanna Chuchuy

PhD Candidate

Johanna studied Mechanical Engineering (M. Sc.) at the University of Stuttgart with focus on Biomedical Process Engineering and Materials Engineering. In her study research project she worked on the development of a nerve guide via solution blow spinning. Enjoying working in the field of medical engineering, she completed an internship at the startup SCOPIS GmbH, Berlin (quality management and approval of medical devices). To broaden her skills in the field of simulation techniques she simulated the material deposition in additive manufacturing with ANSYS Fluent. Johanna received her master’s degree in June 2017.

In February 2017 Johanna joined the Loskill-Lab as a research assistant for the chip production and continued the collaboration to realize her PhD. Her work focuses on the optimization of the Retina on Chip system. In her free time she enjoys hiking and playing the violin.


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