Julia Roosz

Staff Scientist

Julia completed her B.Sc. in Biology at the University in Hohenheim before she moved to the University of Stuttgart to obtain a Master’s degree in the field of Technical Biology. For her thesis, she evaluated the effect of coated implants on the behaviour of endothelial cells with the goal of increasing angiogenesis and therefore nutrient and oxygen supply.

In 2019, during her work as an assistant researcher in the Loskill Lab, she focused on the WAT-chip where her responsibilities included chip fabrication, cell culture and carrying out functional assays on the Organ-on-chip systems. Currently, Julia has joined the Loskill Lab full-time as a scientist to apply Organ-on-Chip technology for drug screening and toxicity testing in collaboration with industry partners. Outside work, Julia works in wildlife conservation, enjoys camping, reading and baking.


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