Tengku Ibrahim Maulana

PhD Candidate

Ibra studied Medical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (M. Sc.) and started working in the Loskill-Lab on his Master's thesis in 2018. His project focused on the development and integration of extracellular matrix (ECM) to establish a novel heart-valve-on-a-chip platform. During this time, he joined the R&D Department at Emulate Inc. in Boston to perform ECM-microengineering, quantitative analysis and disease modeling of human hepatic tissue in vitro.

His research interest in cellular microenvironment-modeling led him to start his Ph.D. in the Loskill-Lab in January 2020 to study the crosstalk between patient-specific breast cancer organoids and adipose tissue for personalized cancer treatment (Breast Carcinoma on Chip). In his free time, he enjoys traveling and filmmaking, cooking spicy foods and showing Oliver how to win an office basketball game.


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