The immune component is essential for the biologic response of virtually every tissue to specific stresses. Interspecies differences of the immune system, target homology and class-related properties of biologics and immunomodulatory drugs urge the use of human relevant models to support non-clinical investigations of the underlying molecular mechanisms of disease and immune response to therapies. We develop immunocompetent human cell-based Organ-on-Chip models to monitor immune cell activation, time-resolved cytokine secretion and immune cell migration/chemo-attraction towards tissue specific cell types. Therefore, we investigate immune responses to immunomodulating compounds in the context of disease specific immune response mechanisms and/or of immuno-oncological therapies (e.g. CAR-T cells and antibody-based therapies). The organ-on-chip systems incorporate different types of microphysiological human tissues with various numbers of cell types and degrees of complexity integrated in a vasculature-like perfusion. The immune component is introduced by continuous circulation of PBMCs (or subsets) through the vasculature-like perfusion and/or by integrating tissue-resident immune cells into the 3D tissues. These human immunocompetent on-a-chip models offer a platform for profiling of selected drug candidates to inform early safety liabilities and guide the risk mitigation strategy prior the first-in-human studies.

Funding: WellcomeLeap HOPE; NC3Rs CrackIT;


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Project Participants

Dr. Madalena Cipriano

Senior Scientist

Tengku Ibrahim Maulana

PhD Candidate

Lena Christ

Lab Manager

Dr. Ning Zhang