Pharma and Toxicology Applications

The OoC systems offer the complexity of tissues and the simplicity of cell culture endpoints. Defined systems with vasculature-like perfusion are biologically characterized to cover key mechanisms of drug efficacy and safety, in a fit-for-purpose perspective. We develop studies to test small molecules, immunotherapies, RNA-targeting therapies and gene therapies safety and/or efficacy. Small molecule testing is focused on toxicology endpoints with advanced live imaging tools. Biological drugs covering immunotherapy cover on and off target effects that depend on the immune system activation and cell recruitment. RNA-targeting therapies studies cover target related toxicological responses. Gene therapy studies focus on supporting drug discovery and selection of the most effective therapies for human tissues. We focus the pharma applications on the Retina-on-a-chip model, Heart-on-a-chip, Choroid-on-a-chip and White-adipose tissue chip and apply toxicological endpoints and tissue specific assays to evaluate drug effects dynamically and over long term studies.

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Pharma and Toxicology Applications

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