Although adipose tissue is a crucial component that serves as an active endocrine organ in the breast cancer microenvironment, not much is understood in terms of adipocytes role in breast cancer progression and metastasis, as the recapitulation of tumor heterogeneity and its complex microenvironment constitutes a major challenge. Moreover, no organs-on-chips system has yet achieved the integration of a physiological tumor-adipose crosstalk in a perfused microenvironment and simultaneously captured the entire complexity of the breast tissue.

In this project, we combine human primary breast cancer organoids and adipose tissue to generate an immunocompetent Breast-Carcinoma-on-Chip model. This platform will enable the investigation of the underlying mechanism of adipose-carcinoma interactions to determine their effect on breast cancer progression. Furthermore, patient-specific effects driven by disease states (healthy vs. obese vs. diabetic), age (pre- and postmenopausal), as well as ethnicity can be recapitulated in this model as a guide for personalized cancer treatment.

Funding: H2020 - IMI2 imSAVAR; WellcomeLeap HOPE;


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Project Participants

Tengku Ibrahim Maulana

PhD Candidate

Dr. Claudia Teufel


Dr. Julia Rogal


Julia Roosz

Staff Scientist

Lena Christ

Lab Manager

Elena Kromidas

PhD Candidate